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by MartinGibbons on April 26, 2011

Please leave your comments and feedback about Personality Weekly here.
1) If you find it accurate or insightful please say.
2) If you like the concept of a weekly publication all about you, then I would like to know that too.
3) If you think it’s cool and would recommend other people try it, then please say so.

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What Can Personality Weekly Reveal About You?

by MartinGibbons on April 22, 2011

This may shock you but Personality Weekly now knows you better than your mum.

I have worked in the field of personality for over ten years and I can honestly say that the level of awareness of “self” is extremely low.

Most people just batter on with life without stopping to consider who they are. But they are missing a trick.

It’s a bit like deciding to drive across Africa and not knowing how much water or fuel or food you have in you car. In fact it’s a bit like not knowing what kind of car you driving.

What you need to drive across Africa is probably a Land Rover but what if you discovered you had a Mercedes sports car?

It’s a perfectly fine car but it’s not made to cross Africa. It would be a waste of a good car.

It’s better for driving to Nice however.

So Personality Weekly will reveal lots about you to help you make big decisions in life such as “should you drive across Africa or down to Nice?”

And everything is affected by your personality, so Personality Weekly could talk about practically anything. You’re going to love it.


Your Personality Profile

April 19, 2011

There is a lot of misunderstanding about personality profile. People presume that there is a single “personality report” but you are way more complex than that. Your personality affects every aspect of your life. Every decision you make and everything you say and do. It’s all affected by your personality profile. So pretty much everything [...]

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