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by MartinGibbons on April 26, 2011

Please leave your comments and feedback about Personality Weekly here.
1) If you find it accurate or insightful please say.
2) If you like the concept of a weekly publication all about you, then I would like to know that too.
3) If you think it’s cool and would recommend other people try it, then please say so.

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Alisa Anderson December 9, 2011 at 4:41 pm

I think it is good to learn new things about yourself, especially in terms of personality because when working or interacting with a diverse range of people, knowing how to engage effectively can build effective working relations, even with people you are not matched too. You are evidently expert in your field because after doing the test you got me spot on with regards to group team work. For instance, you indicated I aim to make a harmonious environment because team work can create effectivity. I am sensitive towards others behaviour who can adapt around this because why do we need to create problems? I went for an interview recently and you could see that they gelled as a team. It was the type of environment I would like to work in because you function better. I have seen organisations remove bad apples because of the effects on working relations, especially in private organisations because an unhappy work force creates unhappy customers because indirectly this can affect this. If I had a business my key component would be excellent team work and support because if you are happy in your role this motivates you to be the best thus you are more likely to display this to customers. Happy customers, increase in profits and excellent word of mouth! Being honest with each other and being aware helps too. We have evolved and still evolving and organisations like yourself are good. If you went into organisations and did a work shop on personality it might help these businesses who are not as successful. I hope I get 3 months free because at present I am on low income and charitable kindess is apprecated because I cannot afford to be proud! Thank you


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